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15th Oct 2021

Vogue Williams says man attempted to “abduct” her in London

Katy Brennan

“It really freaked me out.”

Vogue Williams has revealed that a man attempted to “abduct” her last weekend in London.

The model recounted the terrifying ordeal on the latest episode of her podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me, which she co-hosts with comedian Joanne McNally.

“I wasn’t going to mention this, but something happened to me on Sunday morning and it scared the s**t out of me,” she said.

Vogue said the incident took place as she was walking to Heart radio station at 5AM, revealing that she would never walk there alone again.

“I was walking over to Heart and this man goes ‘Oi’ and he was in this car, he was a kind of big man.

“And he was like ‘Get in the car! Get in the f**king car!’

“But I got such a fright that there was just a man running around, and if he had gotten out of the car he would have easily been able to drag me in, he was like this big guy. I remember what he looks like.

“And it scared the crap out of me and it just made me think… and I know we shouldn’t think like that but I just wanna say it – what if I’d had a drink that night? If I’d had no real sense in my mind and I’d gone over to be like ‘what are you saying?’ Or something like that.”

Vogue said the incident made her feel worried about the safety of women in the streets.

“It made me feel really worried about girls walking around Leicester Square, it really freaked me out.

“You hear about stuff in the news all the time, but you never really think that somebody is going around doing that kind of mad kind of s**t.”

Vogue decided to share the story to encourage her listeners to be careful.

“They need to make mace legal…” Joanne responded. “I feel like at this stage I need to be armed going around the place.”

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