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11th Jan 2022

Vogue Williams says Spencer’s proposal wasn’t at all what she wanted

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Turns out Spencer Matthews bought Vogue Williams' push present years ago


Vogue Williams is never afraid of holding back and when it comes to her proposal story to Spencer Matthews, she’s letting it all out.

Despite being married with almost three children, Vogue is letting her husband know that she was less than impressed by his proposal and wants him to redo it.

But Spencer himself seems to be well aware of the “uncomfortable” popping of the question and confessed that he hadn’t really thought the whole thing through.

Not thinking about what his wife would like, Spencer opened up about the whole thing while chatting to Jamie Laing on their podcast 6 Degrees.

He told Jamie: “I took her to The Lyceum to see The Lion King because it’s my favourite Disney film. Not hers- mine.

“I realised later this is what I would want to happen to me and not her. She doesn’t care about The Lion King, at all, it’s probably not even in her top five.

Vogue Williams

“But I went there anyway and I called ahead and I said: “Could I get engaged on stage like at the end?” So in front of an auditorium full of people.

“And they were like “Er we can look into it. We can’t change the show obviously.” But unfortunately, that wasn’t to be and we had a private tour instead.

“And so we want backstage and there was Simba, Mufasa, and Nala and Scar [who] just kind of stood there. And I was like: ‘Well this is going to be weird isn’t it?”

Then saying he dropped to one knee in front of the pride of lions to propose, he could tell Vogue was a little bit uncomfortable.

Vogue recently spoke about this on the couple’s own podcast, saying: “I demand another proposal.

“I feel like Spencer Matthews was proposing to himself when he did ours!

“I was like “You know what? That was sh*t, that was a sh*t proposal”… I’d like another proposal, that’s not sh*t and not all about you.”

Thankfully, her wishes came through and Spencer proposed for a second time, and told Vogue: “I promise to love you for the rest of my life.”