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24th Nov 2023

Vogue Williams shares her relaxing bedtime routine and it’s every girls dream

Anna Martin

Vogue Williams

I, once again, have been influenced by Vogue.

Vogue Williams has two podcasts, a tan brand and not to mention a massive social media presence yet still she always looks in control.

On top of this, her three children have a really chill bedtime routine and we don’t know if we want to be Vogue at this point, or one of her kids.

It involves lighting a candle, scenting her pillow with a relaxing fragrance, and slathering on a face mask as well as one more thing she has to do before she nods off.

“I need to read a book for a little while before I go to sleep. I like to have a pillow scent, I light a candle, I have a face mask, earplugs, white noise – there’s a whole routine for me to sit down and chill,” she told RTÉ.

Though getting to bed might be super chill and relaxing, it’s her morning routine that will make you understand why Vogue needs this wind-down time.

She’s up from around 6 am each day with her kids, Theodore, Gigi and Otto, but she actually prefers it that way.

The podcaster credits her stepdad who instilled her early morning routine in her she says.

Vogue recalled that because he joined the workforce at a young age, her stepdad always wanted her and her siblings up early and doing something productive even on the weekends.

That included getting up early on Saturday mornings to do chores, then as she got older she was up early for her first job in a local shop. “By the time I was 16 I had a job so I’ve always got up early. And I just prefer to relax in the morning,” she says.