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01st Nov 2021

Vogue Williams announces she’s pregnant with her third child

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Huge congrats to the pair.

Vogue Williams has announced the happiest news, she has revealed that she is pregnant with her and Spencer Matthews’ third child.

Revealing the news in an exclusive interview with Hello Magazine, Vogue couldn’t be happier to share her news of the couple’s latest addition to the family.

The presenter and her Made in Chelsea husband are expecting their new arrival in Spring of 2022.

Saying that they are “delighted” to discover that they are expecting, they added that they had been trying to grow their family for a while.

vogue williams

“I never expected it to happen as easily as it did. We’re very lucky,” Spencer told the magazine.

Revealing that keeping it a secret proved to be a hard one, Spencer almost spoiled the whole thing on their podcast Spencer & Vogue.

Being able to edit it out before the episode aired, the pair were able to wait until the right time to share their big news.

Vogue also revealed that their eldest son Theodore knows that he’s getting a new sibling, their daughter Gigi is still too young to know what is happening.

“Gigi doesn’t have a clue she’s getting a little brother or sister and I don’t think Theodore minds,” Vogue said.

“He doesn’t really understand yet. If I ever mention the baby, he asks: ‘Is it coming now?’”

Planning to keep herself busy until the baby is born, Vogue has no plans to pause her work anytime soon.

Vogue and Spencer welcomed their son Theodore back in 2018 and their daughter Gigi in 2020.