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05th Oct 2021

Vogue Williams admits she pretends to not be posh to be more relatable

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We didn’t see this coming.

Vogue Williams has admitted that she pretends to not be posh as a way to seem more relatable.

Speaking to Jamie Laing on her podcast that she usually hosts with her husband Spencer Matthews, Vogue revealed the very interesting tactic she uses.

Getting onto the topic of boarding school, Jamie asked Vogue if she ever went to boarding school, to which she replied: “Jamie c’mon, I’m not from Chelsea, I’m from Dublin. Barely any of us board in Ireland.

“I lived four minutes from school. My auntie was my year head and our teacher.”

vogue williams

Jamie then said: “You get away with pretending you’re not posh because you’re Irish.”

It was after this comment was made that Vogue spilled all about how she tries to sound less posh, saying: “You’ve got to be relatable Jamie.”

And revealing that her friend Joanne McNally does the same thing, the model added: “Joanne is always trying to throw me under the bus of being relatable. I’m like Joanne b**** you’re not relatable either.”

Swiftly moving on, Jamie changed the subject to talk about how they’re actually relatable because they are kind and are a little self-deprecating.

He told Vogue: “We just make fun of ourselves because we are easy to make fun of.”

Vogue replied: “Ah yeah, but I think that’s kind of an Irish thing as well.

“If you went to Ireland, people just like rip the p*** out of you constantly.

“They don’t even mean it in a mean way, it’s just the way they are.”

Jamie then told Vogue that she is “a proper celebrity”.

The model said to him: “Again trying to make me unrelatable, sh*t up!”

So there you have it, maybe celebrities aren’t like the rest of us after all.