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24th Aug 2023

Vicky Pattison bravely opens up about her PMDD diagnosis

Jody Coffey

She’s bringing so much awareness to the condition by sharing this.

Vicky Pattison has gotten candid about her recent Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) diagnosis and its debilitating symptoms.

PMDD is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) with symptoms including depression, insomnia, mood swings, extreme fatigue, and feelings of extreme hopelessness.

In a raw and honest omission about finally receiving a diagnosis her ‘out on control’ PMS symptoms, the former Geordie Shore star said she feels ‘more positive’ for the ‘first time in ages.’

Taking to her Instagram, the television presenter detailed how these symptoms affected her relationships, career, and quality of life.

“At times, it made me feel like I was going insane – I just do not recognise myself for 2 weeks of the month & ever so gradually- that time frame is becoming longer- & sometimes, when I’m proper in the midst of this & totally consumed by my own dark thoughts,” she confessed to her followers.

“I convince myself that I’m never going to get better.. that these feelings & thoughts aren’t temporary. That this is who I am now. And that terrifies me.”


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Pattison explained that ‘for years’ she has been to see doctors, sharing her struggles about her concerns, to no avail.

“In best case scenarios I was pacified- repeatedly told: ‘let’s take out your implant’, ‘periods do get worse as women get older’, ‘that will be your cyst’ etc.. & in worst case scenarios I was made to feel like I was hysterical & unable to deal with the physical & mental ramifications of a period like every other woman could.

This was something that the model internalised as embarrassment and weakness, and made her feel like she ‘was making a fuss when everyone else seemed to be ok.’

These dismissals led Pattison to decided she would ‘take it on the chin’ and accept that nothing could be done.

That continued to be her mindset up until a few months ago when it became too much to live with.

“I can’t go on like this- I’m getting married to the most amazing man, I have the best family & friends & a job I love- and yet i still spend half the month lost.

“It’s like my brain hates me- I am depressed, despondent & hopeless & have no interest in things that usually bring me so much joy.. and trying to not only deal with that but hide it all from everyone has left me exhausted & overwhelmed.

Pattison decided that enough was finally enough and went down the private route determined to get a diagnosis and a solution to her monthly symptoms.

“When the doctor said to me ‘it sounds like you have PMDD..’ I cried. I cried because I felt f**king heard in a medical setting for the first time in years and also I cried because hopefully now I can start trying to manage this rather than just ‘get on with it’- like I feel like women are expected to.”

In May 2022, The Irish Times reported that one in 20 women suffer with symptoms PMDD every month.

However, as we have seen with Vicky Pattison, diagnosis is achievable.

IAMPD provide a self-help workout to manage symptoms, as well as as self-screen if you believe you may be living with undiagnosed PMDD.