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08th Nov 2022

Vicky Pattison hits out at Instagram for removing post due to “hate speech”

She called out the app for not having their “priorities” straight.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has complained about Instagram for removing a video on the grounds of “hate speech”.

Vicky had shared a video in which she ranted about her fiancé Ercan Ramadan, and in the caption, she joked that he had “the emotional capabilities of a slipper”.

She added: “Men, eh?”

The post was removed by Instagram, and on her stories, Vicky shared a screenshot, which claimed that the reason it was taken down was due to violating the social media platform’s guidelines on hate speech.

The message read: “Your post has been removed. It goes against our community guidelines on hate speech or symbols. Our guidelines encourage people to express themselves in a way that’s respectful to everyone. If you think that we’ve made a mistake, you can ask us to review our decision.”

Vicky hit back at Instagram, and asked if they were “f***ing joking” her.

“A fun little reel about me fella having the emotional capabilities of a slipper is considered ‘hate speech’?!” she wrote. “Yet there are children being bullied to the point of suicide? Professional athletes being racially abused and young women being cyber stalked to the point where they don’t feel safe in their own homes that you supposedly can’t do anything about but THIS is a big priority?!!!”

She went on: “‘To the fellas I’m assuming I triggered so much with this that they felt they need to report me, grow up lads.

“It was just a laugh and if it was maybe a bit too close to home, try listening to your birds once in a while.”

Vicky shared a screenshot from her story hitting back at Instagram on her grid, and that has since been taken down.

Instagram’s rules on hate speech state that they “don’t tolerate attacks on people based on their protected characteristics, including race or religion.”