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05th Jun 2023

Una Healy says she wants ‘throuple’ rumours squashed

Clodagh McKeon

“I have no idea where that word came from or how I’m linked to it”

Irish singer and personality, Una Healy said she wants the word “throuple” and the rumours about her being in one, to be squashed.

Speaking on the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, Una revealed that she was only in a relationship with boxer, David Haye and had no involvement with his girlfriend, Sian Osborne.

Appearing on Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything, Una spilled the beans on her relationship and even poked fun at herself and the whole situation.

She said she’s been haunted by the same picture since the throuple rumours started back in January.

Una said: “If you Google that word me in a black bikini will appear and I’m telling you I have been haunted by that picture for the last few months.

“Literally it was the same picture of me in that black bikini with two other people while I’m down at home in Thurles minding my own business doing the school run every day.”

While on Angela’s show she said: “I have no idea where that word came from or how I’m linked to it just because I posted a picture with two people I know but I’ve been haunted by it since and I think I need to put this whole thing to bed now and move on.

“The only throuple I am in is me, myself and I that’s the truth.”