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22nd Dec 2021

TOWIE’s Mark Wright “cancer-free” following surgery

Sarah McKenna Barry

The former reality star said that he is feeling “so so lucky”.

Mark Wright has confirmed that he is “cancer-free” after undergoing surgery.

The former The Only Way is Essex star had a 12cm tumour removed from his underarm.

Sharing the health update in a video on Instagram, Mark thanked fans for reaching out with support.

“I got the news the other day that it is all clear,” he said. “It’s cancer-free. It was a terrible worrying time, but that’s done, it’s in the past.”

He continued: “Going back to this operation, I have not been able to train for two weeks and this is the first longish walk I have been on since the operation, so the first bit of exercise I have been able to do and honestly just already my head is clear.”

In the caption for the video, he wrote that getting the all clear is “amazing” and made him feel “so so lucky”.

He wrote: “I’m not gonna lie though it really gave me and my family a scare and it’s made me even more passionate about keeping as fit and healthy as possible & hopefully trying to help as many of you to do the same too.”

He went on to explain how his operation has made him understand the importance of staying healthy from more than just a fitness perspective.

Mark explained that he learned the importance of “nutrition, routine, recovery, sleep, balance” and “making healthy habits”. He then announced that he would be re-launching his brand Train Wright and Eat Wright as Live Wright.

Earlier this month, Mark shared that he underwent surgery to remove the tumour.

In a post on Instagram, he explained that doctors initially thought it was just a “fatty lump”, but as it grew he saw a breast consultant. An ultrasound determined that the lump was a lipoma, which is a benign soft tissue tumour, but to prevent it from turning into a cancerous sarcoma overtime, the lump was removed.