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15th Jun 2022

TOWIE cast kicked off flight for refusing to wear masks

They had to spend 10 hours in Madrid Airport following the incident.

Several cast members of the reality show The Only Way is Essex were removed from a flight because they refused to wear masks.

The cast had flown in from the Dominican Republic to Madrid’s Barajas Airport where they were due to fly home to London. However, they were removed from the flight as they didn’t wear masks.

Pia Smith told her social media followers: “We got chucked off the flight because we didn’t wear masks, it was like half the cast that got chucked off.”

She added: “We’ve had to sit here in Madrid Airport for 10 hours.”

Her co-star James Bennewith said that along with Dan Edgar and Jordan Brook, he was “thrown off the flight in Madrid for no reason”.

The cast now face fines for their behaviour.

A representative from Spain’s Civil Guard told The Sun: “The captain of the police requested our presence on board a plane at Madrid’s Barajas Airport which had touched down from the Dominican Republic to deal with people we were told were causing a public order disturbance.

“Civil Guard officers found these people a little upset when they reached the aircraft.

“On the indications of the captain and to avoid any more problems nine people, consisting of four men and five women who are all British nationals, were removed from the plane and after the corresponding complaint from the captain they are now set to face a fine.

“While officers were carrying out the process of identifying all the people that were removed from the plane so they can be notified of the amount of the fines at a future date, they’ve ended up missing their onward flight.

“Police are accompanying them to another flight bound for the UK so they can leave Madrid tonight.

“No arrests were made and after being accompanied off the earlier flight, the nine people removed were very co-operative.”