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09th Apr 2019

This is the very interesting title that Harry and Meghan’s baby could receive

Rebecca O'Keeffe

meghan and harry's baby


So, you may have figured it out by now… but we’re kind of excited about the fact that Meghan Markle is pregnant.

We love her and Harry so much, and are so pleased by their lovely news.

We’re almost there at this stage – the baby could arrive any day now.

And while we may not know the gender of the baby, there are some things we do know.

For instance, we may have figured out the title that the royal baby is due to receive.

That is, of course, if Meghan and Harry choose to give their baby a royal title.

harry and meghan's baby

It has been speculated that the couple will take a leaf out of Princess Ann’s book, and not give their baby a title.

However, if Harry and Meghan’s baby is a boy, it will automatically inherit the title of The Earl of Dumbarton.

This is a title that was given to Prince Harry by the Queen on the day of his wedding.

And if the lovely baby is a girl?

If the royals have a daughter, she could be called Lady Mountbatten-Windsor – which is a nice little title.

Any subsequent sons would be named Lord Mounbatten-Windsor.

harry and meghan's baby

It is still not known if the child will receive a royal title, but we probably won’t find out until the little bub arrives.

Prince Charles has been speaking about a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy in the future, focusing on the direct line to the throne.

That would, of course, be Prince William and his children.

When Harry and Meghan’s baby is born, he or she will be seventh in line to the throne.

Oh WOW, we are excited!