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29th Oct 2021

Timothée Chalamet admits to having a secret YouTube channel

We're here for the Xbox knowledge.

Charlie Herbert

It turns out the Dune star has a secret YouTube channel with more than 21,000 subscribers

He may be the star of sci-fi epic Dune and set to star as Roald Dahl’s famous chocolate factory owner in the upcoming film Wonka but it turns out Timothée Chalamet used to have another passion – modding Xbox controllers.

In a recent interview, Chalamet admitted he runs the YouTube channel ModdedController360, bringing an end to rumours that it was he who actually ran the channel.

Some in-depth investigation from Vice – and fans of the actor – had already come up with the theory that he was the person behind the channel.

Some of the clues included the fact that the person featured in the videos on the channel had a scar on their left ring finger right where Chalamet has one, a chair in the videos that looked remarkably similar to one seen in an Insta post he shared and that the mysterious man behind the channel has a similar voice to Chalamet.

The theory first started in 2018, when a Chalamet Instagram fan page called ChalametUniverse said they were looking at Chalamet’s old YouTube channel and saw that it had “liked” a few YouTube videos in which a kid with a raspy voice is showing off Xbox 360 controllers “modded” with different colour schemes.

The videos are from February and March 2010, when Chalamet would have been 15.

Chalamet confirmed it was him in an interview with Youtuber Nate Hill earlier this week. Alongside fellow Dune star Zendaya, they were discussing their gaming histories.

As he discussed his love for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, the actor revealed that he was the man behind ModdedController360.

The channel only has three videos on it but the most recent has now been watched almost 300,000 times. You can decide for yourself how many of these viewers are watching for the ‘red tiger Xbox 360 controller’ mod and how many are simply there from the Chalamet fandom.