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28th Jun 2022

TikToker asks followers to help find who murdered her son a day before his 19th birthday


A TikTok star based in the US has reached out to her followers to ask for their help in finding the person responsible for her son’s death.

Posting to the social media platform over the weekend, Ophelia Nichols from Alabama revealed her son Randon Lee had been shot and killed the day before his 19th birthday, and so far has received 19.3 million views and more than 400,000 comments on the video.

With more than 7 million followers, she wrote: “I need your help with this. There’s almost 7 million people that follow me. Somebody’s gotta know something. Today would have been my baby child’s 19th birthday. But he was took from me last night. Took from my children and my husband and our family.

“I have this hatred in my heart that I don’t recognize because I’ve never felt hate for anybody.”

Adding that “somebody knows who did this to my child”, she pleaded with her followers to help find out more information as to what happened, saying in the caption: “I will not stop until my son’s murderer is found and prosecuted.”

@shoelover99You will be found! You will reap what you sow in this world. You may not be caught now but its coming. I hope you see my sons face eveyday of your life

♬ original sound – ophelia ?

Randon Lee was shot and killed at a petrol station in Prichard, Alabama, on June 24, according to Fox10 News, with the publication saying that the Prichard police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Nichols is known in the TikTok community as Mama Tot as she often gives motherly advice to her followers and refers to them as her “tater tots.”

Helping spread the word, her followers have started posting videos of their own to help encourage anyone who knows some information to come forward.

The hashtag #JusticeForRandon as of now has 18.8 million views on the app, with one video that has 4.5million views saying: “For all the times that Mama Tot was there for us, we have to be there for her now.”