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20th Jul 2012

The Big Debate: Christian Bale versus Tom Hardy

The Dark Knight Rises hits cinemas today and we're asking the ultimate question: ladies who do you prefer - Batman or Bane?

Rebecca says: Tom Hardy

When I’m watching The Dark Knight Rises I’ll most likely be rooting for Christian Bale’s Batman, but in real-life Tom Hardy wins this battle hands down!

From those kissable lips to the incredible muscles, Tom Hardy is a big bear I’d love to cuddle. And that’s the clean version of my argument! He’s got a boyish charm with a man’s body and isn’t the combination just a work of art? I certainly think so.

That aside, he’s a great actor. Inception brought him to the fore as the English actor to be reckoned with. The Dark Knight Rises is guaranteed to add to this rep.

But it’s not just the big films he excels in. I saw him in Bronson and although the film is pretty tough going (it’s about notorious criminal Charles Bronson who was deemed the most violent prisoner in Britain) you really get to see Hardy in a whole new light.

When I say a whole new light, I really do mean a whole new light. You get to see him naked but that actually isn’t the highlight of the film because it’s not a particularly attractive scene. It’s the fact that completely transforms himself in order to portray the character and I like that.

All in all I think he’s fantastic at what he does and would go to see a film just because his name is on the credits. So I am also a fan of his body… of work.

I’ll admit that it does help that he looks equally delicious in a tracksuit as he does in a three-piece suit. And he’s not too bad without a top on. In fact this would be my attire of choice were I to invite him to a one-on-one dinner party at mine. Should he be so lucky!

On that note, I better go; I can hardly console myself with the thought of Mr Hardy…


Amy says: Christian Bale

Tom Hardy, you are a beautiful man. There is no denying that fact and I will concede that watching you in Inception made me want to tell you to get out of my dreams and into my life, stat!

But gorgeous and all as you are, Mr Hardy, you just can’t compare to the unadulterated sexiness that is Christian Bale.

You see, Christian Bale is a man who possesses that unique mixture of intelligence, sex appeal and bad-assed-ness that women the world over crave. He’s a multiple-award-winning actor, he’s tall, dark and devastatingly handsome. He has a quick wit and just the right amount of arrogance.

And ladies, do I even have to remind you that he’s also Batman?

Yes, Christian is the only actor to play Batman the most times in a feature film and you have to agree that it suits him. He looks amazing in that bat suit. Oh the muscles, the gruff voice, the hotness! It’s too much!

Now, I know that Christian has a bit of a reputation when it comes to his temper. The actor was left red-faced after an audio recording of one of his outbursts was leaked into the public realms in July 2008. The audio features Bale absolutely freaking out at a lighting assistant on set who ruined one of his shots.

In fairness, he is an intense actor. He completely transforms himself in order to get into character and if something happens to throw him out of his zone, then obviously he’s going to get mad.

While I don’t condone his explicative-filled rant, I can understand why he was so angry over what happened. If anything, this shows that Christian is passionate about his work and that he truly cares about what he does.

So when it comes to Tom Hardy and Christian Bale, my allegiance will always lie with Mr Bale.

Right, anyone know where I can buy a bat signal? Hey, you never know. Maybe if I shine that bad boy on the moon, Christian will come and pay me a visit…