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06th Feb 2024

Fans have figured out a link between Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift’s new album

Kat O'Connor

Taylor Swift is releasing another new album this year

Does Taylor Swift ever rest? The Grammy winner is releasing yet another album in April and I’m honestly in awe of how hard she works.

Fans (aka me) foolishly thought the singer was going to announce the release of ‘Reputation (Taylor’s Version)’ on the night of the Grammy’s, but Swift threw everyone off-guard when she revealed she had a brand new album set for release in April.

‘The Tortured Poets Department’ is being released on April 19th and is likely inspired by Swift’s break-up with actor Joe Alwyn. The couple ended their six-year relationship in April 2023, but Swift has remained relatively silent on the split.

She will likely reflect on the downfall of their relationship with fans pointing out a link between Alwyn and the album title.

During an interview with Paul Mescal, Alwyn reveals he has a group chat with fellow actors, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott.

Like most friendship groups, the trio has a WhatsApp group, totally normal, right? Well, the name of said group may raise a couple of eyebrows.

Alwyn revealed that the name of their WhatsApp group is ‘The Tortured Man Club’ – sounds a little familiar, right?

Did Swift seek inspiration for her album title from the actor’s group chat? Potentially.

Fans certainly believe so.

Whether their group chat inspired the album name or not, there’s no doubt that Swift has penned another incredible album. I cannot wait to listen to it on repeat once it’s released in April.

However ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ era doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?