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30th Jan 2023

Suzanne Jackson praised for ultimate Dancing With The Stars comeback


Well done!

Dancing With The Stars has been a rocky road for Suzanne Jackson, but it looks like things are really starting to look up for her.

The beauty influencer made the ultimate comeback last night after last week saw her slip up on the dancefloor.

Despite messing up the routine last week, Suzanne and professional dancer Michael Danilczuk received 15 points from the judges.

Viewers slated the judges for scoring her so highly when her routine was full of errors.

This week was a different story for Suzanne as she appeared to have completely turned things around, nabbing 23 points from the judges.

Taking to Twitter, Suzanne thanked her fans for support after making a significant improvement on the show.

She wrote: “Thank you so much to everyone for their kind words and support over this past week, I really do appreciate it.”

The make up guru was inundated with fans congratulating her on the performance, with one saying: “The paso is my favourite dance ever and you did it so beautifully! Delighted for you! What a come back! Proving you’re exactly where you belong! Congratulations.”

Another said: “Aw I’m delighted for @SoSueMe_ie she nailed it. Well done.”

While a third wrote: “And that’s how it’s done @SoSueMe_ie!!! You fail, but you keep going, even when your brain tells you not to, you keep pushing. You’re an example to all of us, especially kids watching. What a lesson- failure and success are very closely related! You’re amazing.”

Suzanne’s mum Susan said: “So proud of my daughter. She was so nervous after last week, she did amazing.

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