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03rd Oct 2022

Stefanie Preissner welcomes a daughter after suffering five miscarriages

The writer gave birth to a baby girl.

Stefanie Preissner has announced the birth of her first child.

The new mum gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Aurora.

Her daughter was born via emergency C-section around two weeks ago, Preissner confirmed.

Before welcoming her daughter, Preissner revealed she suffered five miscarriages.

She told her followers, “This journey has been pretty brutal. We got pregnant first in 2020 and had a second-trimester miscarriage.

“Since then we have had 4 more miscarriages,” she said.

“I have mixed feelings about sharing the struggle only when it has worked out in a happy ending.

“I have watched two years of pregnancy announcements and gender reveals and each one punctured me a little bit as I wondered what would happen.”

The writer extended her thoughts to women going through similar struggles.

“I see you and I know the pain and the feeling of hope and fear and rage. I can’t tell you it’ll be ok, but I can say that there is support and you should lean on it.”

She also praised the staff at Holles Street, as well as staff at the miscarriage clinic.

She thanked them for understanding her fears.

“Being pregnant is an unpredictable, chaotic, and sensory whirlwind for every woman but for autistic women, it’s extremely challenging. I wouldn’t have tolerated the pregnancy without their care and support.”

The new mum says becoming a mum has been a huge change, but she is loving getting to know her baby girl.

Anam Cara supports women who have suffered miscarriages and baby loss. You can contact them on 085 2888 888