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25th May 2023

‘Miracles happen’- Cork mum welcomes baby girl after suffering 23 miscarriages

Kat O'Connor

“Even if the doctors tell you that your chances are slim, miracles do happen”

A mum in Cork has welcomed a miracle baby after suffering a heartbreaking 23 miscarriages.

Georgina O’Shea was told that she may not have another child after multiple baby losses and an ectopic pregnancy.

However, she urged people not to give up hope after giving birth to a baby girl this year.

Georgina has a son Leon, who turns 19 this summer, but always wanted another child.

Speaking on RedFM, the mum said she was overjoyed when she discovered she was pregnant last year.

The now mum-of-two said she felt a “glimmer of hope” during scans because they could see their little girl’s heartbeat.

“It progressed to the point where we were seeing things we had never seen before (because of the early miscarriages). From 23 weeks I began to accept that I was pregnant.

“We now had a viable pregnancy,” Georgina said.

She said her daughter, who is named Reilly, is their “miracle”.

“She is our little miracle – she was given to us unexpectedly. We weren’t hopeful of another baby,’ she said.

“Never give up – there is always a reason. Even if the doctors tell you that your chances are slim, miracles do happen,” she continued.

“Life has a funny way of adjusting. But I would never give up hope. For sure, Reilly is our miracle baby,” Georgina shared.

Anam Cara supports women who have suffered miscarriages and baby loss. You can contact them on 085 2888 888


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