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18th Apr 2018

Stacey Solomon vomited everywhere on a first date once and yeah same, tbh

stacey solomon dating

Same, girl.

If you’ve ever been on a first date, you’ll probably know that they’re nerve-wracking, stressful, and pretty much just one of the most tense things you’ll ever have to do in your life.

Or if you’re a super chill normal person, first dates are fine.

Good for you, whatever.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on a first date.

The first is that you can get catfished. The second is that you’re just not that into them but you stay for five drinks anyway because why not.

And the third is that you projectile vomit all over their beige flat because you drank too much red wine.

Yeah, pretty grim scenario really.

We wouldn’t wish the above on anybody in the world but seeing as it’s already happened to Stacey Solomon we may as well go with it.

Writing in her weekly column, Stacey says that she was going over to Joe Swash’s house for their first date and that, naturally, she was a little nervous.

To curb this nervousness, she decided to have a glass of wine. Then she had some more. Soon she was drunk and nervous and light-headed and yeah, she vommed all over the place.


That smile though ? ?

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Stacey says:

“I would love to say I saved my dignity and just headed off home. Well, I actually ended up throwing up all over Joe’s flat, which has plush white walls and beige carpet.

“And, you can imagine the colour of my sick – bright red, deep crimson puke. EVERYWHERE. Splayed up the walls, in the carpet on my clothes, on his clothes…”

We definitely needed visuals for that, yeah.

Stacey says that because of that incident, she hasn’t really been that into drinking copious amounts of alcohol anymore.

We are not surprised, tbh.