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14th Mar 2021

Stacey Solomon: How to turn your old perfume bottle into a fragrance diffuser

“How can I make this up and maybe make it a bit better than what it is?”

Stacey Solomon is the queen – of presenting, of relatability, of over sharing information about her relationship with Joe Swash.

She’s also recently become the queen of tidying, sharing frequent images of her home, how she tidies it, and makes it a nicer, more enjoyable, and creative space to be in.

In her new book Tap to Tidy, Stacey shares some of her cleaning and crafty tips with fans, encouraging readers to add a bit more tidiness into their hectic lives to leave them feeling zen as well as creative.

The book, which is available to buy now, also includes a selection of sustainable crafts, allowing anyone to turn their old junk into something new and exciting.

The following extract from Tap to Tidy details how to turn an old perfume bottle into a fragrance diffuser… In true Stacey fashion.

Turn Your Perfume Bottle Into a Fragrance Diffuser 

This is what I call a make up, when I look at something and think, how can I make this up and maybe make it a bit better than what it is? I’ll keep my used perfume bottles for years sometimes, before I make them up into something else. I don’t tend to take the labels off, because I think they’re really pretty. But I do need to remove the spray nozzle.

  • Protective gloves, if you have them
  • Pliers Old perfume bottle
  • Little funnel
  • Diffuser refill oil
  • Diffuser sticks

1. The trick is, wear a pair of protective gloves and get a pair of pliers – I use the ones in my toolkit.

2. Then, as you’re looking at the perfume bottle, you’ll see the piece of metal that clasps around the top of the glass bottle will sort of lip over the edges. Use the pliers to gently squeeze and lift up the metal lip, firmly but slowly working all the way around. Make Up Good Morning!

3. Then give it a little shake and it should just come off. I’ll then put a little funnel in there, pour in some diffuser oil that I’ll pick up in the shops, and then add some diffuser sticks. Or, if I feel like using it as a vase, I add a fake flower. Easy!

You can do a similar thing with any crusty old fragrance diffuser that’s got all dried-up and yellow-looking. Just carefully pour in boiling water to get rid of any yellow staining, then refresh it with new diffuser oil and sticks. I also filled the bottom third of one of mine with little white pebbles from my garden and added a flower – a fake white rose. I love looking at it now: I think, I made that!

Tip: Take the label off that old diffuser that’s run out, clean it properly, add some stones and a fake flower and a new smell… and you’ll love it again.

Photo credit: Chelsea White. Extracted from Tap to Tidy by Stacey Solomon (Ebury Press, €17.99).