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30th Dec 2021

Stacey Solomon admits she feels “sad and guilty” over death of dog

So sad.

Stacey Solomon has been left devastated after the death of her family dog Theo, sharing an emotional message on social media showing her heartbreak.

The mother of four announced the news on Instagram yesterday, saying she feels “sad and guilty” over the dog’s passing.

Giving her followers an update about his death, Stacey thanks fans for their support during the hard time and that their messages made her “feel so much less alone.”

She said that Theo would be very much missed by her family, which consists of fiance Joe Swash and her four children Zachary, Leighton, Rex and Rose.

Stacey wrote: “Last night when everyone was sleeping (the time of night Theo would sit on my lap and it would be just us), I sat and read your messages. Thank you.

“I can’t even tell you what comfort your kind words brought me. Knowing lots of you knew and cared about Theo through here makes me feel so much less alone.”

She added: “I feel so sad and guilty for some reason, I don’t know why, but even with all of those feelings your kind messages made me smile and for that I am so so grateful.”

She also noted that her other dog Peanut was “extremely sad” over Theo’s death, saying: “We are giving him all of the cuddles and love and he is cuddling Rose like a hot water bottle so hopefully he will be back to his jumpy happy self soon.”

Announcing the news yesterday, Stacey shared photos of the family with Theo. And she wrote: “Sweet dreams Theo. The best friend we could have ever wished for.

“Our hearts are broken. Yesterday at home in our arms we had to say goodnight to our Theo. 11 wonderful years. We were so lucky to love you Fifi and we will never stop. My lap has never felt so empty. I miss you so much already.”