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19th Apr 2023

Vogue and Spencer shut down claims they snubbed Jamie Laing’s wedding

Kat O'Connor

Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams have denied claims they snubbed Jamie Laing’s wedding.

The Made In Chelsea star married Sophie Habboo in an intimate ceremony on April 14th, but best friend Spencer Matthews was not in attendance.

People accused both Vogue and Spencer of snubbing the wedding, but they weren’t actually invited.

Vogue said she is “thrilled” for the newlyweds.

“We also did not know it was happening because we were not invited.”

Jamie Laing

Spencer added, “I’m being absolutely hammed for ‘snubbing’ my best friend’s wedding to go on holiday.

“I’m not here to bitch about my best friend but there’s been some serious miscommunication from him.”

Spencer stressed that he and Vogue were not invited to Jamie’s London wedding, but they will be at his second wedding in Spain.

Spencer admitted he was hurt after people accused him of missing the celebration.

“I was like, “I would’ve flown over to Japan for that because you’re my best friend and I would’ve loved to have been there, and I don’t really think you made the right call deciding for me when you could have asked and I would have come.”

Jamie previously told Spencer the registry was a “very small family thing”.

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