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02nd Nov 2021

Síle Seoige reveals pregnancy scare that left her rushing to hospital at 38 weeks

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A scary morning.

Like a lot of expecting mothers, Síle Seoige had a pregnancy scare that had her rushing herself into hospital out of concern for her unborn baby.

Opening up on social media about her pregnancy, the TV presenter is expecting her second child, with the baby girl due to arrive within the next two weeks.

Currently 38 weeks pregnant, Síle revealed that she had a “pregnancy scare” that left her so shaken that she drove to The Coombe in Dublin to double-check all was ok.

With the scare only recent as she said it also happened at 38 weeks, she told her Instagram followers how her morning went and stressed just how important it is to get everything checked if you think something is wrong.

Sharing a photo from the hospital waiting room, Síle said: “I’m 38 weeks pregnant now and had an eventful early morning. All is good thankfully and the only reason I’m sharing this is to normalise checkups (especially first-timers) if you’re worried about anything.

“Sleep is tricky now for obvious reasons and our baby is a very active baby. But in the early hours of the morning, I woke (again) and was concerned about reduced movement.”

In a second post from the assessment room, she added: “So I drove to the assessment unit in the Coombe Hospital to check on baby. All is good and she was obviously just sleeping. But it was good to be on the safe side especially at this late stage of pregnancy.”

She then shared a third snap of her baby bump that was fitted with a monitor, saying: “They monitored the baby for about 20 minutes with a trace. Then the doctor scanned me (all is normal) and off I went home. Never feel foolish for going for a check as it’s better safe than sorry. Big love.”

Síle is currently getting ready for her new arrival, with her husband transforming the back of their van with an air mattress and pillows for the hospital journey.