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26th Apr 2023

Shaughna Phillips gets brutally mum-shamed again

Clodagh McKeon

Trolls for days.

Shaughna Phillips has been brutally mum-shamed once again despite telling her fans that she’s been doing “everything right”.

The new mum gave birth to baby girl Lucia just over two weeks ago and has been sharing her experiences online since.

The former Love Islander revealed that she’s been suffering with anxiety yet she’s still getting a lot of negative about her parenting from people online.

She took to Instagram to reassure followers that she knows exactly how to take care of her daughter.

Her latest post on Instagram showed her first drive alone with baby Lucia and she was pretty proud of herself.

She wrote: “First drive on my own? Completed it.

“Now I know this might not be a big deal to most people, but to me this was HUGE.

“I can’t explain how crippling my anxiety has been since Lucia arrived, I had anxiety through my pregnancy and I really thought it would ease up once she was here but my god I was wrong.

“I’ve spoken briefly with my midwife about it, and I think it’s going to be something I may need to speak to my doctor about for some help with, but I’m trying.

“Before you come for me, again”

“I know the more I let my anxiety stop me from doing things, the more Lucia will miss out on, and I’m determined to not let it get the better of me!

“Before the mum police come for me, just want to assure you that passenger airbags were turned off, seatbelt was used correctly, it’s legal for her to be in the front with me.

“She was strapped in securely, picture was taken when I was parked, and if there’s anything else I’ve forgotten, I did that right as well.”

Shaughna’s followers were very helpful in the comments suggesting ways to make the car seat situation safer but felt she had to come back with a disclaimer.

She wrote: “Before anyone comes for me (again) she doesn’t sleep in the Dockatot.

“It’s something only used in the daytime, under my supervision. I’m very aware of the reasons it shouldn’t be used as a sleeping device.”

Shaughna has stepped into motherhood perfectly and her followers love how open and honest she is with her anxiety struggles.

Many took to her socials to praise her for being “so real” about the reality of being a new mum.

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