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13th Sep 2023

Love Island star Laura Anderson says daughter’s birth was ‘mentally quite torturous’

Kat O'Connor

*Warning* Some readers may find this article triggering

Laura Anderson has opened up about her birthing experience.

Love Island star Laura Anderson has opened up about her difficult experience with childbirth. The new mum gave birth to her baby girl Bonnie earlier this month, but the reality star has now revealed she had a ‘horrendous’ labour.

Speaking on her Instagram, the first-time mum said her baby’s birth was extremely tough for her. Laura revealed to her followers that she lost 1.6 litres of blood and also suffered a second-degree tear, which required stitches.

The new mum also had a haemorrhage shortly after her daughter’s birth.

Laura said it was “mentally quite torturous” for her, but she did her best to remain calm because she knew her healthcare team would look after her.

“I found it mentally quite torturous because I felt it was going to be so long with no pain relief,” she said.

“I stood up I lost loads of blood and clots and felt really, really faint.”

Laura added: “I just stayed calm because I thought I’ve got everybody around me that needs to be here doing everything they can so I am a bit better in emergencies like that than like smaller things, if I stub my toe it’s the end of the world.”

Laura gave birth to her baby girl Bonnie on September 2nd. She is her first child.