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07th Dec 2022

Shane MacGowan’s wife shares update after singer is hospitalised

Sarah McKenna Barry

“He is being treated for an infection and the doctors are confident that he will be OK.”

Victoria Mary Clarke has thanked fans for their support after her husband Shane MacGowan was admitted to hospital.

Victoria had asked fans for prayers for the Pogues singer, but in a recent update she has shared that doctors are “confident” he will be OK.

She tweeted: “I just wanted to thank everyone who has been sending good wishes for @ShaneMacGowan, he is being treated for an infection and the doctors are confident that he will be ok. I am just incredibly grateful to them and to all of you.”

Earlier this week, she took to Twitter to share that he was having some health issues.

She wrote: “Please send prayers and healing vibes to @ShaneMacGowan in hospital again and really hoping to get out asap!! Thank you.”

Shane and Victoria were wed in November 2018 after decades together and an 11-year engagement, and they live in Dublin. In the past, Shane has discussed a number of health issues he has had over the years.

The singer used a wheelchair for many years following a fall in 2015 during which he broke his pelvis.

Speaking to Vice about the fall, he said: “I broke my pelvis, which is the worst thing you can do (….) I can’t walk around the room without a crutch. I am getting better, but it’s taking a very long time. It’s the longest I’ve ever taken to recover from an injury. And I’ve had a lot of injuries.”

Additionally, in 2016, Victoria shared that Shane was hospitalised for both pneumonia and a hip injury. She also said that being in hospital for such a lengthy time ultimately helped him on his journey to sobriety.

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