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28th Apr 2019

Shane Dawson’s second series with Jeffree Star looks set to spill all the tea

Bring it on!

Denise Curtin

We’re excited.

If you were one of the 100 million people (that’s not an exaggeration) that watched Shane Dawson’s five-part docu-series The Secret Life of Jeffree Star on YouTube well then, in the words of Jeffree himself, sit tight b*tches because a second season is coming.

The pair who announced back in February that they had started filming a follow-up after the success of the first season, are coming back to spill even more tea and it sounds juicier than ever.

Bring it on!

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The pair who are soon to release an eyeshadow palette discussed just how horrible the beauty industry can be with Shane a complete newcomer to working in the makeup world.

Tweeting a crypitc message on Twitter yesterday, Shane wrote that he’s not surprised many beauty stars have no friends because the industry is “RUTHLESS”.

Jeffree on the other hand, a beauty guru and owner of one of the world’s biggest makeup brands agreed with the star’s tweet – with first-hand experience of getting into some heated and very public fights with fellow beauty stars, Jeffree knows a thing or two about the dark side to the career.

And so… it draws the question, will the next series dive into the ruthless nature of others in the beauty industry? Will it talk about Tati Westbrook crying on camera after James Charles promoted vitamins that weren’t from her brand? Will his ever-so indirect tweets be revealed? Here’s hoping so.