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24th Apr 2022

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani hits back at claims her accent is fake

She’s having none of it.

Selling Sunset newbie Chelsea Lazkani has hit back at claims that her English accent is “fake”.

The realtor joined the cast of the hit Netflix series for the fifth season which aired on Friday, and has had a lot of rumours being thrown her way since about her accent.

She is now starring alongside original favourites Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bonnet, Heather Rae Young, Amanza Smith, Maya Vander, Davina Potratz, Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela.

As the latest season dropped on the streaming service, many viewers claimed on Twitter that the British-Nigerian realtor was putting on a fake accent.

One person tweeted: “What is Chelsea’s accent on Selling Sunset? As a British person I can confirm it is not British.”

Another wrote: “Okay season 5 of Selling Sunset…Chelsea’s accent is fake right? it does not sound real at all like she keeps floating in and out of it lmao.”


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A third said: “Can’t cope with Chelsea’s accent on #SellingSunset she’s putting that on surely. British people just do not talk like that.”

A fourth said: “Selling sunset is such good television. And on that note, someone pls tell me I ain’t the only one who thinks Chelsea’s accent is fake lol.”

Speaking about the entire thing herself, Chelsea took to her Instagram story to address the whole ordeal.

She said: “Guys, the word on the street is my accent is fake.

“I know, it’s all over the place. But listen, there’s an explanation. I have lived in four countries in my short 29 years of life.

“I’ve lived in London, I’ve lived in Switzerland, I’ve lived in New Jersey and now I live in Los Angeles. So my accent is a mish-mosh of all the places I’ve lived. But I’m a London girl at heart, born and bred, lived in London for 21 years of my life.”

Well, there you have it.