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24th Jan 2024

Everyone needs to read Selena Gomez’s body-positive reminder

Kat O'Connor

Selena Gomez has reminded us that it’s okay for your body to change

Do you ever look back on photos from when you were in your teens or early twenties and miss the way you looked? Society has fooled us into thinking our looks should be frozen in time. We spend so long mourning how we used to look that we don’t give ourselves time to appreciate who we are today.

Our bodies are always going to change. Unfortunately, we cannot stop time, but we can embrace a body-positive attitude that will help us accept the way our bodies change and grow over time.

We may not look the same way we did when were were 19 or 20, but do you realise there’s nothing wrong with that?

Selena Gomez recently reminded us that there’s no shame in aging and there’s no shame in your body changing.

Credit: Selena Gomez

She posted an old photo on Instagram to discuss the sensitive topic, but what she said has hit us hard.

Alongside the photo of a younger Gomez in a bikini, the actress wrote, “Today, I realised I will never look like this again.”

“I’m not perfect but I’m proud to be who I am… sometimes I forget it’s ok to be me,” she continued.

Our bodies are going to change and there’s no shame in that

Selena Gomez’s words have helped us realise that clinging to how we used to look isn’t healthy. Accepting that our bodies will change is one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves.

I don’t look like the 19-year-old version of myself, but why should I? Society is so obsessed with women being frozen in time. Aging almost feels like a crime, but isn’t it time for us to be kinder to ourselves?

Our hair may start greying, we may notice more wrinkles or laughter lines on our faces, and our old clothes may not suit us anymore.

But does it matter? Certainly not.

What really matters is accepting our bodies as they change over time. What matters is being kind to every version of you and embracing these changes instead of trying to prevent them.

Selena Gomez has shown us that there’s no point in mourning the old us when the new you is there to be appreciated.