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01st Sep 2022

Scarlett Moffatt issues social media warning after frightening ordeal at train station

“I’ve never even thought of this before. Please people, be careful what you’re posting.”

Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffat has issued a warning to her followers about what they share on social media after a frightening experience at a London train station.

On her Instagram Stories, Scarlett said that she was heading to King’s Cross Station, and she arrived, she was approached by a man who tried to get her to go home with him.

In her videos, Scarlett explained that two train security guards came to her assistance when they noticed what was going on.

“I stupidly, naively posted on Instagram saying, ‘Off to London on the train’ and when I got into King’s Cross station there was a guy there.

“This guy came at me and was saying ‘Scarlett, I’ve been waiting for you. Are you coming home with me?'”

After telling him, “no thank you”, he wouldn’t leave her alone until two staff members noticed she was in trouble and called her over to them and made sure she was OK. They then walked her to her hotel.

At the start of her message, Scarlett thanked the two men who intervened, saying: “I want to say a massive thank you to Neil and Danny who work for LNER, because it isn’t in your job description to walk me all the way to my hotel and I really, really appreciate it.”

She added: “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

The Gogglebox star then urged her followers to exercise caution when it comes to sharing details about their location on Instagram.

“I’m doing this so that people realise the importance of using social media and not always posting where you are,” she said.

She later added: “I’ve never even thought of this before. Please people, be careful what you’re posting.”