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23rd May 2023

Love Island’s Samie Elishi brands the show’s producers “brutal”

Love Island star Samie Elishi has opened up about her time on the show, branding the producers of the series “brutal”.

Speaking about the application process for the hit ITV dating series, Samie revealed all about how she ended up getting on the show and how it was not all sunshine and rainbows.

In her latest YouTube video, Samie revealed that she had originally applied for the show back in 2021 (for series seven) when she was only 21 and was ghosted by the producers.

She said:”[With] the whole applying process you’ve got to fill out a huge form about yourself, answer questions, tell them funny stories. Then you’ve got to insert a 60-second clip telling the people behind the scenes about yourself.

“You’re basically selling yourself for 60 seconds and why you would be good on the show and what you’re going to bring to it that no one else has before.

“So I did that when I was 21 and it was an epic fail. I didn’t get a callback, no Zoom call, I didn’t meet anyone, I just had nothing.

“That’s another thing about the show it’s a bit brutal. If you apply, you know that you’re not getting on because you don’t hear a thing.”

Samie didn’t let that stop her and ended up applying for the show the following year.

The second application she sent in managed to get her a Zoom call with a producer and led Samie to believe she was finally heading on the show.

She said: “I thought ‘Yep I’m in,’ I’m telling people from work I’m telling my mum, I’m like ‘Yep I’m going on this season’… and then it went dead again, I didn’t hear anything.”

It was the third time that was the charm as Samie then reapplied with the second video and finally, she caught the producers’ attention and was approved to go onto the show.


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