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07th Oct 2022

Samantha Womack to start chemotherapy after breast cancer diagnosis

Samantha Womack thanked her fans for supporting her.

Actress Samantha Womack has revealed she has started chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The actress shared the update with her followers on Instagram.

The West End actress said she is grateful for all the breast cancer survivors who have reached out to her.

She also thanked her fans for supporting her during such a harrowing time.

She shared;

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been sending me love after I shared my story about battling breast cancer.

“So just to tell you where I’m at, I’ve had my operation – had a lumpectomy and also a lymph node removal.

She continued, “I am now going to start my first session of chemotherapy tomorrow. But I have read all of your stories and messages. They’ve blown me away, genuinely.

Womack said she feels incredibly humbled by everyone who has contacted her.

Womack revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August.

Following the death of Olivia Newton-John, Womack confirmed she was now battling the disease.

Womack said meeting the Grease star was a childhood dream come true for her. She posted a photo of them backstage at the West End adaption of Grease.

“Olivia and Chloe had come to see Grease in London and we had dinner together afterward,” she shared.

She also said they had a magical evening in London.

However, she was heartbroken to hear of the Grease star’s death, especially after her recent diagnosis.

“I was so excited and in awe. I now start my own battle with this disease.”

She added, “I am left feeling deeply moved.”