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23rd Mar 2022

Ryan Tubridy criticises “out of touch” Putin after hearing honeymoon story

He was just as confused as the rest of us.

RTE’s Ryan Tubridy has slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming he is “out of touch” after it was discovered that he went on a honeymoon to Ukraine.

The presenter discussed the Kremlin leader at the beginning of his radio show on RTE Radio One, speaking about stories in the news that have caught his attention over the previous 24 hours.

Speaking on his show on Tuesday, he said that the world has suddenly become “accustomed to horror” when talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ryan said: “I think of how easy it is to become accustomed to horror. Just watching the news, Ukraine-wise and seeing tower blocks, malls, shopping centres, just grey post-apocalyptic ruins, and I was sat there thinking ‘I saw that yesterday’.

“And I had to check myself by thinking ‘hang on, all these buildings were full and populated by people going about their day to day lives three weeks ago’ and now we’re just going ‘oh it’s the news’.”

Moving on to the discussion about Putin himself, Ryan said he was surprised to read about one specific part of his life.

He added: “Funny thing I heard about Putin the other day, when he and his wife got married – guess where they went on honeymoon? Kyiv. Crimea. Odessa. They had a beautiful time in Ukraine, and now look what’s happened.

“You saw him at that gathering over the weekend looking like the cat that got the cream. His coat that he wore at that stadium is worth £10,000. His jumper was worth £2,400. His stylists rip off the labels before he puts the clothes on.

“He has a particular watch that he loves to wear which has gold plated arms worth £300,000. That gives you an idea with how in touch Putin is with people.”