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19th Apr 2022

Ryan Tubridy already asked Jamie-Lee O’Donnell about her age in a different interview

Oh, dear.

If you watched the Late Late Show last week or just have access to the internet, you have definitely seen the awkward interaction between Ryan Tubridy and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.

But it turns out that this isn’t the first time Ryan has landed himself in hot water with the Derry Girls star, and it isn’t the first time he’s done it with the exact same question.

On Friday’s episode of the talk show, Ryan asked Jamie-Lee about her age, where she quickly responded saying that she was uncomfortable with it as it comes across as quite “misogynistic”.

A clip from Ryan’s RTE Radio One show has resurfaced from August 14, 2018 when Jamie-Lee was a guest and was asked: “You play a 16-year-old on the show, and you are what age in real life?”

She replied “not 16” to which Ryan then said: “You’re not going to tell us your age?”

Jamie-Lee replied again: “No, because I think a big deal was made about it with Nicola [Coughlan] and I don’t think it was very fair.

“We got a lot of people asking our ages and no one would ask Dylan [Llewellyn] his, so it got a wee bit unfair.”

The newly resurfaced clip has sparked a debate online, with one Twitter user saying: “There’s an aspect to Ryan’s question I feel people are missing entirely.

“He asked the same question on his radio show, to the same actress. She gave the same answer back then.”

Another user said: “I don’t think Ryan Tubridy was misogynistic when asking @JamieLeeOD her age. I think he was when he interrupted her, dismissed her opinion and then moved on before she could further explain why she thought it was a misogynistic question.”

A third wrote: “Fair play to Ryan Tubridy responding to an accusation of misogyny by speaking over the woman making the accusation, repeatedly interrupting her and then accusing her of being in a ‘mood’. He absolutely put that accusation to rest. Case. Closed.”

The question saw Ryan needing to explain to Jamie-Lee that he was actually leading into a compliment, saying: “I was saying you that you are great characters playing teenagers. That’s what I was getting at, the fact that you’re of a certain age that play teenagers and do it so well.”