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12th Sep 2018

This adorable story about Ryan Gosling is proof he is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood


There’s always been a latte to like about him.

But Ryan Gosling has managed to out-do himself with his latest sweet gesture for a Canadian coffee shop.

Grinder Coffee, an independent coffee shop in Toronto, had been trying to catch the Canadian actor’s attention while he was in town for the premiere of his new film, The First Man. 



Their 10 day social media campaign officially kicked off on September 3 – and it was all very eventful.

It all started with a cardboard cutout and a very relatable dream.

There were signs.

And there were selfies. SO many selfies.

Local media began to pick up on the campaign.

Eventually, faux-Ryan even got taken out for drinks…although, let’s face it, that wouldn’t be quite the same.

And the mall, just in case he needed bits for his premiere.

He even made it to the spa – because, we totally agree, everyone needs a ‘me day’ once in awhile.

They even offered to pay for his Uber – you know, just to make sure he didn’t get lost en route.

On the tenth and final day of the campaign, Grinder Coffee’s dreams came true: Ryan Gosling himself actually popped in.

After the La La Land actor’s visit, the nephew of the coffee shop’s owner, Joelle, posted a sweet thread about her.

He began by explaining how he was “very proud” of her, before eventually revealing Ryan’s reaction to the whole campaign.

He wrote:

“So sure enough, Ryan Gosling actually ends up visiting her shop today. In her words, ‘he just showed up and told me he saw the whole campaign, I told him next time he comes for dinner and a playdate.’

“Oh, and I also asked her how he smelled, and she said, ‘really good!'”