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27th May 2022

Roz Purcell wants people to stop asking when she’s going to have kids

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Fair play, Roz.

Roz Purcell has asked people to “stop asking” when she’s planning on having children in her latest candid Instagram post.

Taking to the social media app, the 31 year old spoke about the “worst thing about hitting your 30s”, and it’s when people ask about when you’ll have a baby.

The clip shows Roz lip syncing to an audio that says: “I searched everywhere, I looked through hundreds of files, searched through my text messages, I even looked everywhere in my wardrobe. But I just couldn’t find where I asked for your opinion.”

Roz captioned the post: “You should really start thinking about having kids now. Worst thing about hitting your 30s is this question.”

“Unless you’re on about baby goats stop asking me,” she added.

Those watching the video who felt like they were in the same boat were quick to share their own experiences, with one follower saying: “Don’t listen to them! Had my first (and so far only) child at 37. So much scaremongering as women.”

Another added: “Omg love this try hitting 40 lol.”

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A third also wrote: “Yes to this, constantly get asked drives me mad.

While a fourth said: “I had mine at 39 and 41. I had to listen to that baloney for years and years.”

Known to not hold back on social media, the Tipperary native isn’t shy about telling people her own feelings online.

Approaching her 30th birthday back in 2020, Roz shared her opinion on the “shame” of not settling down, and milestones you’re expected to have reached.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Growing up I always attached milestones to an age. My life & happiness to numbers.

“As I approach 30 I realise how 1. I attached success to these events 2. How society effected my idea of age. The fear to not have settled down by a certain age, the shame of not owning a home or doing all these things before 30.

“We all need to start normalising doing things at different times- getting married in your 40s, changing career in your 30s owning a house finally in your 50s or never!

“Not feeling like you always need to fit into the same pair of jeans from your early 20s.

“Realising not all these things are going to happen in the order you previously thought or may not even happen and that’s ok they don’t define a happy life.

“I hadn’t really thought much about turning 30 next month- but everyones like ‘how do you feel about it, eh?’

“Younger me may have seen it as a failure but I’ve had some hell of a ride so far without any of these things happen, maybe they will maybe they won’t but I won’t attach them to a number that’s for sure.”