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25th Jul 2023

Robin Williams’ children honour the late actor on his 72nd birthday

Aisling Keenan

The comic legend passed away in 2014 aged just 63

The tragic death of Robin Williams still lingers in the minds of fans of his, but particularly for his children who are remembering their dad today on what would be his 72nd birthday.

The actor, who was known for his roles in Mrs Doubtfire, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting among countless other iconic film and TV roles, died by suicide nine years ago this August.

His son Zak posted to Instagram to wish his dad a happy birthday, saying: “Happy 72nd Dad! Was remembering how much I used to love that look you’d give. That look with a mischievous, loving grin that your friends and loved ones knew so well. Joyous and curious and wondrous. Miss you and love you forever!


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Meanwhile, his daughter Zelda Williams, 34, posted on Twitter and commented that her dad would likely have been in support of the writers and actors strike happening in Hollywood at the moment.

She posted a picture of her dad marching along the 2007 picket line with a sign saying “SAG on strike”.

Robin and his first wife Valerie Velardie are parents to Zak, 40, while Zelda and her brother Cody, 31, are from his second marriage to Marsha Garces Williams. Robin married Susan Schneider in 2011, and the couple was together until Robin died in 2014.