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28th Mar 2015

Rob Kardashian Threatens To Write ‘Tell-All’ Book On His Family

"They find it pretty terrifying."

Rob Kardashian has reportedly threatened to expose his family’s secrets in a new book if they don’t stop interfering in his life.

The rift between Rob and the rest of the Kardashian family has become more and more evident in recent months, with the 28-year-old taking to Instagram to make a public dig at sister Kim.

He is said to be continuing to struggle with anxiety and weight issues but according to Hollywood Life, any efforts by his family to assist in his recovery are met with threats of revealing all in a tell-all book.

“He’s threatened to do a big tell all on the family, which they find pretty terrifying. This is what he does when he gets upset. He threatens all kind of stuff, like walking away from them for good and going where they can’t find him,” a source told the site.

“It’s easier for everyone to let him do what he wants. When they leave him alone, he leaves them alone.”