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19th Apr 2023

Rachel McAdams says she fought to keep armpit hair in latest photoshoot

Clodagh McKeon

Au Naturel for the win.

The Notebook actress, Rachel McAdams is being praised for showing off her underarm hair in a photoshoot with Bustle yesterday.

In the follow up interview she opened up about how important it is for her to reflect the truth in everything she does.

Last year, the Mean Girls actress worked on a different photoshoot with Girls Girls Girls magazine that saw her appear in a bra, jacket and breast pump.

The photo was taken just six months postpartum when she was still breastfeeding. She told Bustle: “I love that juxtaposition of beauty, glam, fantasy, and then truth”.

For the Bustle shoot, Rachel posed wearing an array of stunning fits including a long white cut-out dress that her armpit hair can be spotted in.

In another photo, the star is wearing a black jumpsuit and her underarm can be seen as she poses on a red velvet sofa.

The 44-year-old requested that the photos be “edited as minimally as possible” because she wanted to show off her au natural look.


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The mum-of-two took snaps as part of her promotion for the upcoming film ‘Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret‘. It’s an adaptation of the esteemed novel by Judy Blume.

It will premiere on May 19th.

Fans called the actress beautiful upon seeing the photographs but naturally, they did attract some trolls.

Some called her “nasty” for having armpit hair with one even renaming the star as Rachel McArmpit.

One comment read: “Dear Lord…she has more pit hair than me. Not sure who exactly really wants pit hair. It’s kinda worthless.”

Others were quick to compliment Rachel saying they appreciate seeing a celebrity being so natural and real.

One Instagrammer wrote: “Love her for embracing her natural beauty!”

Another agreed and said: “One of the few celebs in Hollywood who embraces her natural beauty and haven’t done any plastic surgeries. So much respect for her.”


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