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28th Feb 2023

It looks like we’ve been pronouncing Paul Mescal’s name wrong this entire time

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Sorry, Paul!

Paul Mescal is a name we’re all more than familiar with at this stage – but have we been pronouncing it right at all?

According to the Maynooth man himself, we’ve all been saying his surname wrong this entire time and he’s putting the blame on a popular Mexican liquor.

Taking Hollywood by storm over the last few years, Paul has seen his fame jump to new heights since his Oscar nomination and it’s led to people outside of Ireland to continuously make the same mistake with his name.

The Normal People actor has revealed that a lot of people pronounced his name as “Mezcal”, the same way as the Mexican alcoholic spirit.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul said: “People get confused with how to pronounce my name because of the drink mezcal. Everybody does it!”

He joked that because there is a slight similarity, he’s tempted to launch his own brand of the drink.

While having a laugh with the whole mix-up, Paul did clarify that his surname should be pronounced with a soft “S”, sounding more like “mess-cal”.

When it comes to the alcoholic beverage, Paul is welcome to have as much as he’d like free of charge from his local in Maynooth after the owner claimed all drinks are “on the house” for the actor.

General Manager James Bohan of The Roost in Maynooth told the Irish Mirror that there will always be free pints at the ready for Mescal as he was always a regular before fame hit.

“It would be on the house. He’s always invited in for lunch and a pint,” he said.

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