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29th Sep 2021

Priyanka Chopra Jonas hints at her own beauty line after Max Factor collab

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We need her to release this.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has revealed all about her plans for a beauty line of her own after teaming up with Max Factor.

Speaking at a webinar for her collab with the brand, asked whether or not the collab had inspired her to take the leap into her own line.

Like Rihanna has done with Fenty and Selena Gomez has done with Rare Beauty, Priyanka isn’t saying no to her own beauty line sometime in the future.

Revealing that the idea is definitely something that has crossed her mind, the actress said that it is something she has thought of starting up.

“It’s been a conversation that I’ve been having and I do want to do a lot more colours and shades for medium skin tones because it’s a very specific shade, and it’s very hard to find stuff that works for my skin tone because I have a yellow under base,” she said on the webinar.

“To find shades and stuff like that, it’s really inspiring, I’d love to expand on that. It is something that has been circulating in my head, I have to say.”

Priyanka has teamed up with Max Factor as “the face of major beauty campaigns and product launches” for the foreseeable future, and hopes to empower women and bring a fresh approach to the brand.

And speaking about her own personal love of make-up, the model also recalled a story of when the obsession began for her.

“My mom was a physician, and she’d go off to work on night calls and I remember when I was three or four I used to be obsessed with her dressing room, she had all these shades of makeup, powders and perfumes and potions,” Priyanka said.

“As a three-year-old girl, I was obsessed with what my mom would look like. She was impossibly glamorous in my head and I remember one day, this is such a vivid memory for me as well as for my mother, one day she came back from the hospital.

“I may have been eight or nine, and I had my fingers in all her lipsticks, all her lipsticks were gone and I had them all over my face to look like my mom, trying to do eyebrows and she came in. I thought it was cute.”