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14th Aug 2023

Nick Jonas reveals ‘surprisingly difficult’ tradition from wedding to Priyanka Chopra

Jody Coffey

If it mentions a Jonas bro, I’m there!

Nick Jonas has gotten candid about his wedding day with Priyanka Chopra.

The musician and actress tied the knot in an extravaganza over the course of a couple of days in India in July 2018.

When speaking to People about their special day, Nick, 30, opened up about one Indian tradition that he found ‘surprisingly difficult’.

“There’s this one moment in Indian weddings where the bride and groom are lifted on the shoulders of their family members and there’s sort of a game that’s played where this garland is put on each other,” he explained.

The goal is to try to be the first to put the garland on the other, something which the Jonas brother did not find easy especially due to how competitive both he and Priyanka, 41, are.

The family to put the garland on first is then considered the more dominant side.

“So it’s really for the family members to feel pride and that’s just a funny game,” he adds. “But it’s really heartwarming and a great way for the families to all connect.”

The couple also had a Western ceremony as well as an Indian one.

Their Western wedding was officiated by Jonas’ dad, Kevin Jonas Sr.

When speaking on the different traditions for their nuptials, Jonas says it opened his eyes to how similar the “different religions actually are and the ceremonies themselves have a lot of heart.”

Since becoming husband and wife, the pair have welcomed their first child via surrogate.

Their daughter Malti was born in January 2022.

Speaking on fatherhood, the Close singer described is as life changing, “[Malti] is amazing. It brings me a lot of joy,” he told ET.

Nick Jonas is officially now husband and father goals.