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13th Apr 2019

Pilou Asbæk teases Euron Greyjoy may make Game of Thrones history in season 8

Keeley Ryan

“I’m happy, I’m very happy.”

Game of Thrones‘ Pilou Asbæk has teased what fans can expect from Euron Greyjoy in the final six episodes – and revealed why he won’t watch the show anymore.

On Friday night, many of the cast members assembled in Belfast for the premiere of the final season.

Her had a chance to Pilou, who said that while his character has some “good moments in season eight” there was one thing in particular that he was proud of.

He said:

“I’ve got some good moments in season eight; I’ve got some moments.

“I do two things that only a few people have done in Game of Thrones, which I’m very proud of. And…things are looking good for me.

“I’m happy, I’m very happy.”

Pilou first appeared in the HBO epic in season six, when Euron made his big return to the Iron Islands (and…well, threw his brother, Balon, off a bridge).

Recalling what it was like to join the show, he said:

“When you’re an actor, you always want to be a part of something successful – because success equals more jobs and a better pay, it’s that simple.

“I knew when I became a part of Game of Thrones, it was one of the biggest shows in the world. So, that was not a concern of mine.

“It was just buckle up and enjoy it.”

And while he was a “massive fan” of Game of Thrones before joining the show, he admitted that he hasn’t been able to watch much of it since.

He continued:

“I’ve seen all the five seasons prior [to joining the show].

“But the moment I became apart of it, I have not seen anything since – because now I know how they make the dragon.

“It’s a little guy with a green stick and a tennis ball, and it’s like ‘look at the dragon’. You’re like, that’s it?”

  • Game of Thrones S8 airs on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on Monday April 15 at 2am & 9pm.