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21st Feb 2019

Piers Morgan slams Little Mix for ‘fat shaming’ him in a bizarre turn of events

We didn't see this coming.

Denise Curtin

Well, this was unexpected.

Piers Morgan went IN on girl band, Little Mix, last night after he believed they were fat shaming him at the BRIT Awards alongside the host of the night, comedian, Jack Whitehall.

In a scathing tweet, Piers wrote:

“Shocked and disappointed to see @LittleMix LAUGH as @jackwhitehall fat-shames me on national television. It’s just this kind of public negative body image mockery that the same @LittleMix campaigned against and of which I am now a victim. Shame on you, ladies! #BRITS.”

He then went on to take a dig at Jack Whitehall, calling him out for too, fat shaming and then going on to return the dig by calling him a “chinless little weed”.

However, Little Mix fans were quick to retaliate saying that the girls were in fact not fat shaming the star and looked visibly awkward by the whole situation as they nervously laughed at Jack’s remarks.

The pop band and the GMB star started their “beef” in November when Piers tweeted saying he wished the girls used their “talent instead of their bodies” following this campaign shoot which he also said they stole from the Dixie Chicks.

The feud even got Ariana Grande and her mom, Joan Grande, involved, by which Piers told Grande she does the same thing and should focus on her talent instead of pushing her sexuality. Wow.


All in a day’s rant for the 53-year-old.