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01st Mar 2016

PIC: This Clever Tweet Proves Leo And Brie Larson Were (Kind Of) Co-Stars In ‘Room’

Did you spot Leo’s cameo appearance?


Apparently it’s the first time the Best Actor and Best Actress have been seen in the same movie since ‘As Good As It Gets’ – it’s just none of us knew about it.

Spotted by The Independent, it seems one tweeter had their eagle-eyes out when it came to reviewing some of the top picks from this year’s nominees.

While we were all busy celebrating Brie and Leo’s big moments the other night, it was a distributor of ‘Room’ who noticed the man of the hour had actually had an impromptu cameo in the film.
In a still from the movie, Leo’s face hangs in the background of the room Larson sleeps in, fresh-faced from his ‘Titanic‘ days:

The couple (kind of) steal the honour from Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt who nabbed their titles for their own performances in ‘As Good As It Gets‘ in 1998.

The same year ‘Titanic‘ shot to fame and scooped 11 awards in its own rights – which is a nice little tie-in to then facts of the story.

Lead Image: HitFix Twitter