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23rd Nov 2022

Phoebe Bridgers says Christmas in Maynooth is like a “rom-com”

The singer dubbed it her “best Christmas ever”.

Cast your mind back to last Christmas, and you might remember we were all delighted by the news that indie singer Phoebe Bridgers was spending the holiday season with her boyfriend Paul Mescal and his family right here in Ireland.

On Twitter, the memes were flooding our feeds, with folks trying to imagine what Phoebe would make of Christmas in Kildare. Would she go to midnight mass? Would Paul’s mam tell her how Kristy MacColl died in a boating accident? Would she watch the Father Ted Christmas special? Would she go for a dip in in the Irish Sea? Probably not, because Kildare is famously landlocked.

While Twitter had fun imagining what Paul and Phoebe’s time in Maynooth might have looked like, we were working purely of speculation. Until now.

In a recent profile by Vogue, Phoebe spoke about her Irish Christmas time, which she dubbed her “best Christmas ever”.

“Last year, I stayed with my boyfriend’s family in Ireland,” she said. “It was full rom-com.”

Paul and Phoebe first hit it off following an interaction on Twitter back in 2020. Having just watched Normal People, the Motion Sickness singer wrote that she was feeling “sad and horny”.

Seeing this, the Irish actor responded saying that he was “officially dead”. The duo met up later that year, and began dating before making their red carpet debut last November.

This year, it seems they’re taking a huge step forward in their relationship. It’s been reported that the pair have bought a house near Schull in west Cork, while last month the pair had reportedly got engaged. However, neither party has confirmed this news.

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