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24th Nov 2016

Perrie Edwards slaps radio DJ who said Zayn dumped her by text

She was not impressed.

Little Mix are taking no nonsense in interview of late. Especially when it comes to questions about the men in their lives.

Just recently Perrie and Jade were asked about why Jesy wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, the girls threw the interviewers pages in the air and refused to answer.

Perrie Edwards was put in a similar situation during a french interview where she was asked about Zayn.

In Little Mix’s autobiography My World, Perrie shares that their relationship did in fact end with a text from Zayn whilst she was in an airport with her bandmates.

The radio DJ comments on how Zayn ‘dumped her by text’ in french and once it is translated to Perrie, she slaps him across the face.

After she slaps him, Perrie quickly gives him a hug to apologise and laughs it off.

Being constantly asked about your private life is definitely not fun and none of anyone’s business, but slapping the man probably isn’t the best course of action, even if she ‘jokingly’ did it and laughed afterwards.