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21st Dec 2022

Paige Thorne opens up about “really struggling” after her Love Island fame

She was on the 2022 series.

Love Island star Paige Thorne has opened up about how she has been “really struggling” since finding fame on the show.

The Welsh native came in fifth place of the 2022 series alongside her now ex-boyfriend Adam Collard.

The couple dated for a few weeks following their time on the show but ultimately called the romance off after a viral video showed Adam getting very close with a mystery girl on a night out.

Speaking with The Sun, Paige has admitted that she is “really struggling” since the series ended and opened up about her decision to stop drinking until she finds her “happy place”.

The 25-year-old said: “I’ve been struggling lately, really struggling with who I am and have not been in a good place. I’ve given up alcohol, it’s been three weeks now, because I’ve realised that I don’t like the person I become when I drink.

“So, until I’m in a safe and happy place I want to stop drinking.”

Speaking about being newly single, Paige said that if you don’t love yourself, nobody else will either.

She continued: “I’m happy being single and I’d love to go on a girl’s holiday next year.”

Paige’s ex Adam has recently spoken about the video that lead to their break up, and claimed that the whole thing “got blown out of proportion”.

He explained that the girl he had his arm around was part of a group of fans who approached them looking for a photo.

Adam told The Sun: “She actually was really nice and polite and we’d had a couple of drinks but what she said was ‘I got in tonight to the club but my friends didn’t.’

“So what you don’t actually see in the video is the camera goes around and I get photos with all of her friends like that and take pictures with all of them.”

He continued: “It was just a laugh and carry on. Again, another thing you don’t see is that two of my friends are actually on the left and right. All we were doing was waiting for food and took pictures with people in there.”

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