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12th Aug 2022

Paige Thorne set to return to her job as a paramedic soon

“I genuinely just love my job. So why wouldn’t I want to go back to it?”

Love Island star Paige Thorne is set to return to her job as a paramedic.

The Welsh woman finished in fifth place on the show alongside returning bombshell Adam Collard, and while many of her fellow contestants are opting to go down the influencer route, Paige shared recently that she’s looking forward to going back to work on the front-line.

During her appearance on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Paige said: “I’ve got a meeting to go back to paramedic work, so that will be exciting.

“I actually saw an ambulance the other day with sirens on. I had like serious FOMO, I was like, ‘Get me my ambulance back!

“So I’m going to go back into that a little bit and just see what opportunities come from that.”

She reiterated her passion for this line of work, saying: “I genuinely just love my job. So why wouldn’t I want to go back to it? I really enjoyed it. But I’ll do other things alongside it.”

Prior to her appearance on the show, a man who Paige cared for credited her with saving his life.

Andy Humphries told Wales Media that he suffered a stroke in the doctor’s office and Paige was one of the paramedics who arrived at the scene.

He added that she subsequently waited with him both in the ambulance and at the hospital.

Mr Humphries told the publication: “When I came round, she was there and was so dedicated, she waited with me for seven hours in the ambulance and as I waited at hospital.

“I owe my life to her, and she was so good to me. She waited with me when I got to the hospital, she stayed while I had scans. It happened just before the first lockdown, and she told me that she had not long qualified, but she was amazing and totally wonderful.”