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21st Mar 2019

Orlando Bloom is selling his €8 million LA home – and we have very strong feelings about his couch

Anna O'Rourke

What’s the one fancy, slightly unnecessary thing you dream about buying when you some day (if ever) have your own grown-up home?

An MTV Cribs-style walk-in wardrobe? A dreamy Smeg fridge? A bedroom door that locks so you can get just some peace?

For me, it’s a really nice couch.

This may seem functional but having a fab couch situation sets a certain tone and can also just look cool.

This is a belief that I think Orlando Bloom have in common.

The actor, who recently got engaged to Katy Perry, has just put his divine Los Angeles gaff up for sale.

The 4,000 square foot bachelor pad is fabulous throughout but one of its most striking features is a sunken couch area in the middle of his living room.

Maybe a lifetime of Big Brother has conditioned me to think that positioning your seating so that everyone has to face one another is a good way to live, but seriously – I like.

The rest of the house is equally delicious.

Situated on ‘Billionaire’s Row’, this open-plan property seamlessly mixes the indoors with the outdoors thanks to huge open wall spaces in lieu of doors and windows.

There are four bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a generous dining area for entertaining.

Overall, there’s a Love Island villa feel to the property that we don’t reckon is much of a bad thing.

It has an asking price of $8.999 million so you probably have a better chance of actually appearing on Love Island than getting to live here.